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a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct

My mission at Continuum Gallery is to explore the notion of what we humans consider truth.  Art is most interesting when the artist asks the spectator to turn a simple idea into their own art - as if the work is looking at them, and they are the one being perceived.

There's something very fundamental underneath this idea of empowering the spectator. Many galleries and museums create huge explanations to ensure the viewer sees a piece of art the same way they do. This sometimes leads to the viewer feeling like they don't "get it" or aren't worthy of appreciating the art. So, why do they do it?

Viewers are perfectly capable of coproducing the narrative, and doing so gives them a sense of pride and appreciation. I use this idea to curate each show and ask the viewer to deliberate the relationships between each painting and the artists showing their work. By showing artists that compare in some ways and not in others, we can see similar subjects through different eyes. It's similar to catching a rainbow in a mist - not one viewer sees it the same from every angle.


What part of the human condition would you like to explore with us?


Is art about the expression of what we want people to see or the exploration of who we are. Just as the Divisionists examimed how optical mixing by the spectator's eye produced more vibrant and purer colour effects than the traditional process of pre-mixing pigments before applying them to the canvas, we are exploring the the paradox of the individual, the flaws associated with categorical thinking. 

Kasey Moran
Jeff Luque
Duarte Vitoria

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The human condition is a lifelong journey of exploration, lessons, experimentation, play, joy, pain and heartache. An ebb and flow that allows us the opportunity to witness, embrace and change the patterns that are no longer serving us. Just as in nature, there is always a beginning and an end. An ever-evolving process of destruction and renewal that exists in all of us.

Nina Kawar

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Both light and dark comprise the human experience. In our minds, light represents a benevolent outside force that acts on our behalf. Darkness is the absence of light, meaning nothing will come to support us. Acknowledgment, courage, and wonder come with a cost: one learns the darkness of the world.

Dan Hillier
Juul Krajer
Julie Slattery

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Haec Culti

This show is about the capture of a moment that reflects the relishing of life when we stop, slow down, and contemplate consciousness. Fear and gratitude happen within those moments. We experience a thrill of empathic wander into the lives and minds of others, reminding us of how small but collectively important we each are. When light and shadow are in perfect play on a person's face as we pass with a fleeting gaze, life is in perfect balance and we feel at peace with the small world around us for one beautiful moment- fluid and mesmerizing.

Kat Knutsen
Conrado Lopez
Frank Lombardo
Kevin Yaun

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Curated with Love

Our Goal

Continuum is ready to begin the search for artworks which manifest a range of concepts, styles, media and diversity of artists (gender, race, perspectives) whose work informs, inspires, and challenges the community to see the world anew.

Andy Warhol-

“The idea is not to live forever; it is to create something that will.”

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How our open studio/ still life works

An Artist's Process


Exploring the problem

What is the reason for your project? What's the message or purpose behind it? Not sure? Let us help you! Artist's love problem solving and creating solutions. Let us know every detail of what your idea is. Input is the most crucial at this stage.

Finding the solution

A successful project plan relies heavily on the skills and experience of your artist. Let us help you find the best artist for you and your project or event. The artist of choice will come up with the best possible preliminary plan for your project at this stage.


This is the stage where you can see a mock-up or rough visual version of what your artist has plans to execute. Some artists may charge a deposit or percentage fee before or after this process begins.

Building the piece

This is the fun part and when communication with your artist is most important. Rest assured your artist is busy working away to arrive at completion and wishes nothing more than to give you the best experience possible. The thrill on your face when you see our work is one of the most rewarding aspects.

Take care

Your project is finished and the care is now up you. Be sure to gather all the important instructions for care and archival longevity of the piece.