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We've all watched tattooing develop, grow, and withstand many decades of criticism, discrimination, and uncertainty. Although some scrutiny may have been well deserved, today it demands our attention. Tattooing began gaining positive momentum and notoriety in 2005 during the first season of Miami ink., following one of the most influential tattoo texts  Reinventing the Tattoo written in 2001 by Guy Atchison. Since then, we have advanced the technology of tattooing more in 15 years than we did in 100 years prior to that. We are trying to take the evolution of tattooing a step further by completely revamping the approach to the tattoo culture and studio atmosphere.


To cultivate a community of artists, both studio and tattoo, who will be encouraged to always share, learn, critique, and grow together in an ever evolving and unique environment of creative inquiry.


Humility and total immersion are the keys to all learning, Close interaction with a diverse group of artists promotes excange of information and ideas between individuals and disciplines. Continuum encourages students, staff, and instructors to generously share experiences and expertise. Understanding the evolving culture, history, and traditions in both art and tattooing will help us preserve these disciplines as well as expand their bounaries.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, cultural humility, and inclusion are very important at Continuum. We want to inspire and nurture the human spirit and value in the perspectives and contributions of all people. Continuum is committed to being a community that welcomes and respects everyone regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, race, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality, geographic origin, and socioeconomic status.

Full Support

We want to offer our support to all creatives in the area, especially adolescents preparing for college. We offer both personal and group critique sessions. There is no urge to want to grow without first maintaining a level of discontent.  Clients and artists can all benefit from this philosophy.
our Approach

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Strong Technical Skills

The true test of knowledge on any skill set is having to teach it. If you cant explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. All instructors should come organized and prepared and fully understand their subject.

Generous with info

Time is scarce and while we can find all the information we think we need by clicking a mouse, its not always the most reliable and doesnt compare to hands on learning. Our philosophy completely relies on our instructors being very generous with the information and expertise on any subject they teach.

interpersonal skills

All instructors are asked to give constructive criticism and share their expertise in the most effective and positive way.


While anyone can appreciate a happy little accident conceptual information has a high value here at continuum. It is very important our instructors are able to teach this as well.

Innovation & History

Having a good understanding of past practices and tradition surrounding art and tattoo culture help students make more educated creative responses to their existing problem.
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