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Our Goal

Continuum is ready to begin the search for artworks which manifest a range of concepts, styles, media and diversity of artists (gender, race, perspectives) whose work informs, inspires, and challenges the community to see the world anew.

Chuck Close -

"Inspiration is for amateurs,
the rest of us just get to work"

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How our open studio/ still life works

An Artist's Process


Exploring the problem

What is the reason for your project? What's the message or purpose behind it? Not sure? Let us help you! Artist's love problem solving and creating solutions. Let us know every detail of what your idea is. Input is the most crucial at this stage.

Finding the solution

A successful project plan relies heavily on the skills and experience of your artist. Let us help you find the best artist for you and your project or event. The artist of choice will come up with the best possible preliminary plan for your project at this stage.


This is the stage where you can see a mock-up or rough visual version of what your artist has plans to execute. Some artists may charge a deposit or percentage fee before or after this process begins.

Building the piece

This is the fun part and when communication with your artist is most important. Rest assured your artist is busy working away to arrive at completion and wishes nothing more than to give you the best experience possible. The thrill on your face when you see our work is one of the most rewarding aspects.

Take care

Your project is finished and the care is now up you. Be sure to gather all the important instructions for care and archival longevity of the piece.