Continuum's Halloween Gala

Continuum beckons you to its illustrious future realm. We invite you to our 2nd Annual Halloween Gala: Cyberdome. a cyberpunk apocalypse-themed event! Thrilling Performances, insane music, and jaw-dropping costumes! Prepare to journey into a realm where art, technology and enigmatic dance intertwine to create an unforgettable evening of mysterious enchantment!

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What is Cyberdome?

What happens when your friendly neighborhood tattoo artists decide to make a big impact in their community? We put our creative nerd brains together and throw one of the craziest Halloween dance parties you'll ever attend! Continuum Art Collective is gearing up for another fabulous Halloween Event. Last year was awesome. This year, we have even more in store! We rarely host events, and when we do, they are designed to make a positive impact in the community! We have decided this year's theme should pay homage to the amazing set & costume designers of all your favorite spooky sci-fi cyberpunk blockbusters! Whether you dawn your best trenchcoat and cinder glasses, ghostface, or 80's threads, everyone in costume is welcome!

Join us on October 28, 2023 at Continuum for a hair-raising experience you won't want to miss! The incredible out-of-the-box band, Rubiks Groove, all the way from Nashville, TN, will headline the event. Known for their electrifying performances and ability to transport audiences back in time with their renditions of iconic hits, Rubiks Groove will have you dancing the night away. With their dynamic live band followed by Dj Dagget, they will create an atmosphere that promises to be nothing short of unforgettable.

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Entertainment Line Up

We have a great deal in store for a very good cause. Crossnore's many programs are designed to help all types of families. All channels of this amazing event are designed to reconnect us to our youth and remind us of those who's youth and innocence needs preserving. Continuum's 2023 Gala Presents

Rubiks Groove
The Musical Dream Weavers

Rubiks Groove is your premier "Outside of the Box"80s, 90s & 00s Tribute Band!This high energy, character-driven act will take you back to the best era of music with a complete 360 degree interactive experience that includes live music from rock to hip hop, characters, costumes,and videos!

Real. Good. Food.

The sentinel of nourishment, ensuring all creations are imbued with impeccable taste and quality with a keen understanding of individuals' unique dietary needs and sensitivities. Her bites are sure to impress any hungry crowd. Hale will be serving everything from appetizers, full entrees and desserts. you may contact us below for the full menu.

Empyrean Arts
The aerial Virtuoso

Their mesmerizing aerial feats transcend the boundaries of gravity as they soar and dance, leaving spectators in awe of their electrifying performance. The talented, Morgan Rossi, will be coming in full Cyberdome garb to provide a most haunting performance.

Upside Down Afterparty

The virtuoso of beats and rhythms, attuned to the pulse of the cyber realm will enchant even the most reluctant feet to move, groove and transcend mere to a pulsating realm in the upside down. Adam Dagget is a pro on the turntables and will have you dancing the night away to all your favorite Halloween themed songs mixed with all your favorite dance beats.

Blues & fusion
Enigmatic cyber choreographers

Blues & Fusion of Hendersonville hosts social dancing every fourth Saturday of the month. they are a staple of dance at Continuum and are sure to provide the upmost excitement to any dance party! Hendersonville Blues & Fusion brings the life to any party!

Communities for Children

A collective of benevolent souls who devote their energy to nurturing the spirits of foster Children, guiding the embrace of foster parents, and tending to the sanctuaries known as foster homes. They are caretakers of hope, the guardians of resilience, and the architects of a nurture.

Sundry House
Mad Max Cocktails

Sundry House is an exclusive mobile bartending service providing a mesmerizing and story-telling cocktail experience to our event!  Since our theme is a sci-fi dystopian mash-up, we have decided this year's coctails should be curated from Mad Max, and feature names such as Guzzolene, Fury Milk, and the Mad Manhattan. the list goes on with all your favorite craft fall flavors! Choose from our signature menu or craft your own! Along with cocktails, we will be serving local craft beer and wine.

Only the Best Non-Alcohic spirits!

Sundry House is proud to present a crafted mocktail menu for all who delight in tasteful beverages! We have made sure to include both low-carb and indulgent options! Featured flavors include all the fun fall favorites like salted caramel apple, apricot, pear, ginger, rosemary and thyme! choose from our signature menu or craft your own! All beverages purchased benefit Crossnore Communities for Children.

info and prizes

We are so excited to feature a Costume contest this year!
Costume contest categories are:

-best throwback costume
-best couples costume
-best overall Cyberdome theme

prizes are based on donations from local business sponsors and are valued up to $1000.00

Our Sponsors

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